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Miller Family Bike Ride


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Bernice,   Mike,  Derek, Michael

Our Goal

We have a three prong goal for this epic adventure:

  • Family time: We wanted to spend some time as a family making memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Faith: We want to use this time to grow our faith and to take opportunities to share God's love with others
  • Fundraising: We want to help in the fight against cancer by raising $25,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Our Family

Bernice and I have been married since 1980. We have lived in Florida since 1986.
She is educated as a teacher, enjoys her role as Mom, and currently works part time in my practice and does volenteer work as a librarian.
She has been cycling since 1980
She also enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, snowshoeing, travel and ice cream.
He has just completed his Junior year at the University of Florida. He did his first 25 mile ride when he was 10. He was Florida State Mountain Bike Champion in the spring of 2003 and also in 2004.  He likes to camp, ski, read, go to the beach and anything Gator.
He is finishing 10th grade at nearly 6'5" he enjoys unicycling, basketball, skiing, camping and reading.  Since he grew up getting pulled 30-50 miles in a bicycle trailer he thinks this ride we are doing is normal.
I have be a cyclist since middle school, riding on average five to seven thousand miles a year.  I also enjoy skiing, camping, motorcyles, travel, and reading
I have owned a financial planning business here in Ocala for over 20 years

Mike's Financial Planning Practice